Tradies, start scaffolding, it’s easy!

Ringlock, the industry standard for scaffolding in NZ. Our extensive range of affordable quality scaffold. We were tradies. We know what it’s like.

NZ and AU Certified

Fast Delivery NZ Wide

Finance Available

Why invest in your own scaffolding?

Boost your profit

Make extra revenue on your already secured jobs by providing the scaffolding for them also.

Control your own logistics

Owning your own scaffolding means being in control of the erection and dismantle stages of the job, installing it exactly how you want it.

Keep your customers happy

Blend the job and the rental of the scaffolding together to make feasible offers to your cliental.

Step 3. Throw in some extras (optional)

We have a small selection of optional extras at the bottom of our packages, consider what you do and don’t need.

Purchase options

Get it on overdraft – have your clients pay it off

Overdrafts work like a revolving credit allowing for easy repayment and keeping interest costs low.

Create your order

Create your designed scaffolding order and head to the shopping cart to get a total costing.

Get pre-approval

Head to the bank with the amount you need to buy your scaffolding kit and get them to set up your overdraft account.

Complete your order

Return with your financing secured and complete the order you planned for. Easy!

How to set up your scaffolding

We have a range of blogs and materials to assist you on your journey of learning how to install Scaffolding in the New Zealand building industry.

Setting up Ringlock Scaffolding
Safety Considerations

Benefits of Buying the Ringlock brand.

There are a range of benefits when buying the Ringlock brand, check out some of our blogs to stay informed.

The best type of scaffolding
Ringlock for construction
Scaffolding for sale, what does it mean?
I want to buy scaffolding, what information do I need?

Outstanding service. Delivered to my door personally quicker than expected. So impressed! And really appreciated.- Kirsten
I'm really happy to recommend your product, the way you sell it and the way you're there to support to anyone who has a lifestyle property. It's such an obvious way to go, you wont regret it for a second.- Julian
I am an older woman who used Ringlock scaffolding. Phillip helped me erect it the first time I used it. When my partner and i shifted the scaffolding we found it easy to put up ourselves.- Robyn
I was really impressed with the ease and speed of the purchase and delivery process. Phillip provided excellent advice. The gear looks awesome and of good quality which is the main thing!- Jarem

Have any questions?

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