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U-Transoms “U”

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U-Transom Scaffolding are the horizontal supports that hold up the “U” shaped decks. Coupled with a cover (known as a deck padlock) they provide precision and security while allowing you to erect your scaffolding safely and quickly. Our industrial quality transoms are hot dip galvanised, tested to NZ and AU standards, feature machine welded ends and come in two lengths 0.4m and 0.73m.

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The “U” description refers to the “U” shape of the cavity in the steel transom. The end clips of the “U” shaped decks slot into the transom cavity to form a secure coupling. There are two sizes of “U” transoms 0.4m used to hold a single 0.32m deck width and a 0.73m transom used to house the width of two 0.32m wide decks. 0.73m “U” transoms are the most widely used in the scaffolding industry as a double deck width allows for the minimal, but suitable, room to access walls while at the same time being the most cost effective option and offering efficiency for transportation.

U-Transom scaffolding covers lock into the U transoms and disable the decks from the possibility of being dislodged. This is an important safety precaution preventing the decks from falling down in high winds or even earthquakes. Combine a U-Transom cover of equal length to the U-Transom you are purchasing to provide maximum safety.

  • U-Transom Scaffolding (Ledger U)
  • U-Transom Cover (Deck padlock)
  • Surface finish: hot dipped galvanised
  • Machine welded ends
  • Tested to AUS/NZ standards at a design height of 30m at a heavy duty loading
  • Comes in two lengths 0.4m & .73m allowing for a single or a double deck width.
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Delivery New Zealand wide direct to site

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0.40m length with casting ends, 2.40kg, 0.73m length with casting ends, 3.18kg, 1.09m length (Strengthened) with casting ends, 7.62kg, 0.40m Length U Transom cover, 1.26kg, 0.73m Length U Transom cover, 2.23kg