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Diagonals are the essential diagonal scaffolding braces used to stabilise the scaffolding and are often seen on the outside facing of the Ringlock scaffolding system. Our precision engineered diagonal scaffolding braces offer safety and exactness in the correct posture of your scaffolding platform ensuring a stable base to work from. Our industrial quality Diagonals are hot dip galvanised, tested to NZ and AU standards, feature crimped swivel ends and range in length from 0.73m to 3.07m.

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  • Diagonal Scaffolding Brace Ø48.3X2.5mm
  • Surface finish: hot dipped galvanised
  • Crimped swivel ends
  • Tested to AUS/NZ standards at a design height of 30m at a heavy duty loading
  • Comes in a range of lengths from 0.73m – 3.07m (Lengths refers to length of bay for intended use, actual lengths of items will be slightly longer and will vary)
  • 30 Day money back gaurantee
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Delivery New Zealand wide direct to site

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0.73m(W)x2.0m(H) cover area, 8.02kg, 1.09m(W)x2.0m(H) cover area, 8.40kg, 1.40m(W)x2.0m(H) cover area, 8.75kg, 1.57m(W)x2.0m(H) cover area, 9.03kg, 2.07m(W)x2.0m(H) cover area, 10.10kg, 2.57m(W)x2.0m(H) cover area, 11.16kg, 3.07m(W)x2.0m(H) cover area, 12.34kg