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Aluminium Ladder Decks “U”

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Aluminium Ladder deck, otherwise known as: Scaffolding ladder hatch, Latch deck.

Scaffold Ladder decks are the primary source for access throughout your scaffolding levels. With a range of sizes to suite all our commonly used bays sizes our ladder decks offer versatility as well as providing a safe way to access platforms. Our industrial quality scaffold ladder decks are fully Aluminium, tested to NZ and AU standards, feature latch clips and range in length from 1.57m to 3.07m.

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  • Aluminium Ladder deck, otherwise known as: Scaffolding ladder hatch, Latch deck, Aluminium ladder deck.

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*Please note that this deck has clips fit for “U” shape Transoms and will not be compatible with “O” shaped Ledgers.

  • Aluminium Scaffold Ladder Deck with door and ladder “U” (Aluminium)
  • hatch clip & finger hole, 3m, 2.5m, 2m, 1.5m
  • Ladder clip & finger hole, 3m, 2.5m
  • Surface finish: Aluminium
  • Tested to AUS/NZ standards at a design height of 30m at a heavy duty loading
  • Comes in a range of lengths from 1.57m – 3.07m.
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Delivery New Zealand wide direct to site

Additional information

Weight N/A

0.61m(W)x1.57m(L), 23.09kg, 0.61m(W)x2.07m(L), 35.09kg, 0.61m(W)x2.57m(L), 35.02kg, 0.61m(W)x3.07m(L), 44.03kg


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