Custom Order

Custom Order Product List

We offer large made to order or custom orders for individuals wishing to make large investments in scaffolding. These orders come straight from the supplier and have a minimum 90 day turn around time. We offer a set discount of 15% on any made to order and this discount can be applied at the checkout stage with coupon code: MTO15 (minimum order size 10,000 KG) Please enquire within for more information.

STANDARDS - Made to order$26.85$126.68 Inc GST
LEDGERS "O" - Made to order$21.63$72.45 Inc GST
U-TRANSOMS "U" - Made to order$12.94$56.75 Inc GST
JACKS, PLATES, & CASTERS - Made to order$12.76$111.69 Inc GST
DIAGONALS - Made to order$52.33$75.90 Inc GST
STEEL PLANKS 320W "U" - Made to order$61.74$155.83 Inc GST
ALUMINIUM LADDER DECKS "U" - Made to order$469.78$689.68 Inc GST
STRENGTHENED TRANSOM "U" - Made to order$20.34$123.59 Inc GST
COUPLERS - Made to order$2.00$18.69 Inc GST
BRACKETS "U" - Made to order$37.16$60.30 Inc GST
IRON TOE BOARDS - Made to order$16.75$44.20 Inc GST
WOODEN TOE BOARDS - Made to order$18.69$65.80 Inc GST
WOODEN LVL PLANKS - Made to order$24.34$59.18 Inc GST
PROTECTION BARRIERS - Made to order$169.48
FIXING ANCHORS - Made to order$2.23$38.42 Inc GST
LATTICE GIRDERS - Made to order$211.60$461.33 Inc GST
LADDERS - Made to order$28.18$232.84 Inc GST
5.8m Galvanised Tube & 6m Aluminium pipe - Made to order$108.71$127.36 Inc GST
GIN WHEEL - Made to order$86.21 Inc GST
ACCESS GATE - Made to order$118.20 Inc GST
SOLE BOARDS - Made to order$11.16 Inc GST
BASE COLLARS - Made to order$18.15$22.64 Inc GST
ALUMINIUM STAIR SETS - Made to order$776.32$857.82 Inc GST
SHORING PROPS - Made to order$67.49$123.59 Inc GST
STEEL PLANKS 190W “U” - Made to order$44.28$111.15 Inc GST